The most popular day trips from Albena, Bulgaria

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Albena is one of the preferred summer resorts in Bulgaria, due to its perfect endless beach, warm weather, beautiful nature and many sports opportunities in the complex. It is the perfect choice for families with kids, young couples or seniors. Albena offers wonderful hotels at the beach, or near the park, sports opportunities and entertainment, good restaurants. The biggest advantage of Albena is the beach – one of the bests and biggest in Bulgaria and the beautiful green nature.

Although there aren’t many things to do or sights in Albena, the region offers many interesting places for day trips and attractions, which are worth a visit.

The best excursions from Albena:

Explore the stunning nature on the Black Sea coast

The entire region is extremely picturesque: with lavender and sunflower fields, green forest, golden beaches and rocky shores. Nature reserves and parks are welcoming the eco-tourists.

  • Cape Kaliakra: the rocky peninsula goes 2 km into the sea, where a one-of-a-kind panoramic view of the Black Sea coast is opened… this place shouldn’t be missed! 
  • The Botanical Garden in Balchik: colourful fairytale about the spring! It is a complex with a Palace and marvellous gardens, the summer residence of the Romanian queen Maria. More than 2000 species of plants occupy an area of 65 acres. Great place for a walk, with a lovely sea view 🙂 
  • Nature parks: for those, who want to stay away from organized tourist excursions, you can just get out of the resort Albena and explore the “Baltata” Nature Park with the river flowing directly into the sea. Another paradise for nature lovers is the Eco-park “Geranea”: wild animals and plants in their natural habitat: deer, roes, boar, Cameroon goats, hare, pheasants, partridges and various birds. The good news is that you can join our Photo Safari and admire the abundant nature and restfulness. 

Visiting historical landmarks and cultural tourism

Bulgaria and the north Black Sea coast near Albena are full of historical sights and places, since the time of the oldest civilizations living in Europe. Museums in the region have rich collections of antiques and cultural remains, revealing the daily life, religion and culture of the locals.

Day trips from Albena:


Nessebar (UNESCO)

If you are a “cultural” tourist, looking for monuments, ruins, churches and museums, Nessebar is definitely a must for you: ancient history, old landmarks, fortress walls, amphitheatre are a few of the impressive sights. 


Aladzha Monastery

Another ancient-historical landmark is the rocky monastery, near Varna. It is carved high in the rocks and dates from the 11th. – 12th. century. A special Audio-visual performance “ The Legends of the Aladzha Monastery” tells about the past and interesting facts related to the history of the region and the monastery in an interactive way.


Varna City Tourt

the most popular city in the region, where you have different opportunities: from shopping, entertainment and nightlife, to museums and churches. And when it comes to historical sites, the oldest golden treasure in the world (4600 – 4200 BC) is exhibited in the Archeological museum! The treasure consists of a total of 3,000 Artifacts and weighs six kilograms. Other recognized places are the Baroque Opera and the Cathedral of the Assumption. Our hint is to book a sightseeing tour with our double-decker bus to get an idea of all the possibilities of the Black Sea capital of Bulgaria. 

Balchik & Kalikra

Balchik & Kalikra

Balchik: a charming harbour city, with enchanting beauty. Must stops here are: the Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria with the Botanical garden – one of the most uniquely beautiful places in the world with so many flowers and breathtaking sea views; and the yacht port.
Cape Kaliakra: This is one of the most attractive places for tourists due to its rich history, untouched nature and beautiful views. Historically important are the remains of an 8th-century citadel and the Archaeological museum. You can visit also a restaurant and a small chapel on the spot. 

Boat trips on the Black Sea coastline

Visiting a summer resort without a yacht trip in the sea is not a complete vacation experience! The Bulgarian Black sea coast offers so many stunning views, high rocks and small bays, green forests by the shore and beautiful sceneries. You could rent a boat for you and your party and go on a picnic and sunbathe in the open sea. Crew, fuel and soft drinks are included, so your only responsibility is having fun onboard!

Another opportunity is joining some of our organized boat excursions from Balchik Marina with transport from Albena. A few hours of leisure, swimming and getting tan are guaranteed!

Boat trips from Albena


Rent a Yacht

Yacht rental;
Soft drinks


Boat Excursion

Air-conditioned bus from Albena;
Boat trip;

Jeep safari from Albena

If you love nature adventures, the eco-park “Geranea” is the perfect place to meet free-walking beautiful peacocks, pheasants, partridges and other wild animals. Extreme off-road driving through a country road is the best way to gain some more adrenaline and to feel the rich biodiverse nature of trees, shrubs, herbs and wildflowers. The animal inhabitants are deers, mouflons, wild boars, Cameroon goats, horses and many birds

There are 7 observation towers at your disposal, offering a view of the wildlife and the Black Sea coast. Stops are scheduled for recreation, lunch and observation of the unique panorama of the region. There is also a small children’s playground and a volleyball court nearby.

Find here the excursion program and book online your ticket:

Bulgarian Folklore Performance

To really get to know our country Bulgaria, you need to experience Bulgarian folklore, folk songs and dances. The traditional cuisine is also worth trying: in the Bulgarian villages, you will be welcomed with typical dishes such as banitsa and shop salad. Wine or rakija tasting is also mandatory and will further contribute to a good mood. 🙂

Excursions to experience Bulgarian folklore:


Madara & Salla Estate

This trip includes the natural phenomenon of Stone Forest (“Pobiti Kamani”); the world-famous rock relief Madara Reider & village Blaskovo (typical Bulgarian lunch in the open nature + Wine tasting)


Grandpa’s Stojan Village

The excursion program consists of: boat ride in the Kamchia River and visit of Golitsa village (typical lunch + Rakija tasting)

Excursions for kids from Albena

In the entire complex, there are many entertainment options for kids: from playgrounds and sports to discos and water activities, animation programs or just a fun day at the beach or in the Aquapark. For those who are looking for some cultural experience and sightseeing, there are specially organized tours with transport from Albena. Varna city, Aladzha Monastery, Balchik and cape Kaliakra will be interesting for everyone. Almost all our excursions and trips from Albena are suitable for families with children, but we have a special offer for kids: a Pirate party on a boat. The “battle” of the pirates is taking place in Varna bay, and there is comfortable bus transport included in the excursion.

Pirates Party (Kids)

Find here more information and book an unforgettable amusement for your kids:

Are you convinced that you can’t be bored even in a resort from a closed type?! With so much fun and opportunities for additional excursions, Albena is a dream place for a summer vacation for the whole family.

Find here all excursions and day trips from Albena:


Although Albena is not a party destination, there is always an option for those, who are looking for a party. You can visit the resort Golden Sands, which provides many party places: discos, bars, and cafes.
OR, you can join our Paty Boats and have unforgettable fun 🙂


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