Excursion to Kaliakra and Costal Trip in Balchik

Visit the museum in Kaliakra and boat trip from Balchik Marina

Half-day trip Balchik + Kalikra

The journey between the city of Balchik and the Cape Kaliakra fascinated by the diversity of beautiful colours: green fields, sunflower and lavender areas; the Black Sea goes from deep blue to sea-green, the cliffs are falling from grey over red to almost white; with the snow-white gulls between sky, earth and sea – an unforgettable experience! The unique view from the edge of the hill on this exotic shore can not be missed! As well as the visit of the unique Cape Kaliakra, which is part of the Bulgarian history, where you can hear interesting legends about it.

And as a contrast to these rude sceneries: the charming town of Balchik with its harbour, the small souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafes …
The plan ends with a relaxing Boat trip from Balchik Marina.

St. St. Constantin and Helena


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