Photo Jeep Safari “Wild Is Calling”

Jeep Safari (5 – 6 Hours Excursion)

Drive with the Land Rovers to the beautiful “Geranea” Nature Park. The area spreads of ​​around 700 hectares. Hunting has been prohibited for years, so you can observe and photograph various wild animals and birds. The animal kingdom consists of 170 fallow deer, 50 deer, 250 mouflons, 300 wild boars, 50 Cameroon pygmy goats, horses and countless birds. A large diversity of trees, shrubs, herbs and wildflowers.

Stops for recreation and observation of the unique panorama of the region. In the park, you will find 7 observation towers. The platforms offer a view of the wildlife and the Black Sea coast.

Extreme driving through a wild trail with lots of off-road down swoops and climbing. The safari with Land Rovers goes over hills and valleys and is certainly the best way to feel some more adrenaline! You have the chance to feel the rich biodiverse nature of the country, but you will also drive through romantic villages with friendly, happy people who will surely wave or at least smile when you drive past.

Off-road in Land Rovers or Suzuki Jeeps into the picturesque forest reserve. Jumping, shaking and laughing is the program for the day. Lunch (sandwiches, beer and soft drinks) is offered in the shady fresh woods. There is also a small children’s playground and a volleyball court nearby.

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