Top 4 Excursions from Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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The Best Excursion Types from Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

  1. Historical & Cultural Tours; 
  2. Visit the City of Bourgas;
  3. Explore the Beautiful Nature on the Black Sea Coast;
  4. Trips with more Fun & Adrenaline;

Nowadays Sunny Beach is the most remarkable and stunning Bulgarian summer resort. It is situated along a wide beach strip. With its hundreds of bars, restaurants, multiple entertainments, shops and well-developed infrastructure, the resort attracts thousands of tourists from around the world every summer.

Our goal is to show you the most fabulous places and historical sites in the area. On our website, you can reserve online the best trips to the most charming historic locations and famous places on the Black Sea coast at affordable prices. 

Below is our selection of all excursion types and trips from Sunny Beach which are available to book online:

1. Historical & Cultural tours from Sunny Beach:

Bulgaria is an old country with an ancient history. The Black Sea coast area has been inhabited by ancient civilizations for thousands of years. Remains from those times can be found in different cities. The most ancient city on the Black Sea coast is Nessebar and that is our favourite destination:

“Panorama Tour in Nessebar”

This excursion is a must for everyone looking for historical sights and cultural monuments. Nessebar is very close to Sunny Beach, so there is no place for excuses. The Old Town is under the protection of UNESCO Heritage and is the most popular touristic place in the country. It is like an open encyclopedia of history that our guide will “read” to you during the tour.

Find here our Guide to the Old town of Nessebar:

2. Visit the city of Bourgas:

Bourgas is the second biggest city on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria and one of the largest in the country. It has modern shopping centres, a beautiful Sea garden and beach alley, pretty cafes and restaurants, interesting sights and places to visit. Burgas is only 35 km away, so is the perfect choice for shopping, entertainment and a day out for the whole family. Some of the places that we recommend are: the “Atanasovsko” lake, the Sea Garden, the lighthouse and the island of St. Anastasia. You can walk along the boulevard “Bogoridi” and enjoy the beautiful architecture, pretty shops and cafes. Other tourist and historical sites in the city are: Flora Expo Center, Duhtev’s House, the Bridge, Cultural Center “Sea Casino”, The Gramophone, the Sand Figures Festival, and the port. The Sea Garden is definitely a must. In the park, you will find a small zoo and an open-air theatre.

Here you will find the list of our excursions with a visit to Burgas centre:

“Burgas & Weekly market”

The trip starts with a visit to the colourful weekly market in Kableshkovo, after that free time in the city centre of Burgas + visit of a modern shopping centre. That’s your time for buying souvenirs and presents for friends and family. 


“Island trip to St. Anastasia”

You will reach the island with a ferry from the port in Burgas. After a small tour and a free time on this magical place, you will get back to the port and explore Burgas.


“The Romance of the Southern Coast”

The excursion starts with a romantic boat trip on the Ropotamo River, than a visit of the Old Town of Sozopol, lunch in a traditional restaurant and free time in Burgas city. Go back centuries in the ancient Apolonia, “dive” into the stunning nature of the reserve Ropotamo, try the Bulgarian cuisine and enjoy your time in Burgas!

3. Explore the beautiful Nature on the Black Sea Coast:

Bulgaria is famous for its stunning rich nature. We are blessed to have high mountains, lakes, a sea with beautiful shores and golden beaches, endless green fields and wild forests with fresh rivers. The region near Sunny Beach is not just beautiful beaches- there are mountain areas, rivers and traditional villages. Here is the list of our excursions to natural reserves:

“Jeep Safari”

This excursion is not just off-road driving – you will feel the rich, stunning nature of the Bulgarian villages in the area. There is a photo pause near the village of Tankovo and honey tasting in Poroy village.

Day trip “Nature & Adventure”

This tour includes also jeep riding but in a different area –nature park Strandzha. This is not very high, but a very beautiful mountain on the southern part of the Black Sea coast, near the border with Turkey. The excursion continues to the caves and a typical village “Brashlyan”, where you will be fascinated by the fresh green forest in the park, small rivers and waterfalls in wild nature. A unique experience is the folklore program in the village. Lunch is also included. The village is an architectural and historical reserve. It has preserved authentic houses, presenting the typical architecture of Strandzha from the 18th-19th century. 76 houses are architectural monuments of culture. 

“The Romance of the Southern Coast”

This romantic excursion will impress you with green forest views, pure nature and a relaxing boat trip. In the nature reserve Ropotamo you can see unique sites: the estuary of the river Ropotamo, coastal swamps, forests, terraced mountain hills with deciduous forests and bizarre rock phenomenons such as “The Rock Lion” and small caves, sandy beach with dunes, rocky beach, beautiful bay and a small rocky island – “The Snake Island”.

4. Excursions with more fun and adrenaline:

When relaxing on the fine golden beach of Sunny Beach goes boring, it’s time for a day out and has fun with friends and family. In the resort, you can visit waterparks, amusement parks, karting tracks etc. Moreover, find here our excursions and trips that will raise your adrenaline:

More fun & adrenaline in Sunny Beach:

Catamaran excursions

Sailing towards Cape Emine – one of the wildest and most picturesque places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Aqua Park

Many long slides, winding tubes, great water attractions, swimming rings, interesting waterfalls and bizarre slalom courses.

Off-Road Adventure in Sunny Beach:

“Jeep Safari Sunny Beach”

Off-road entertainment in the beautiful green nature of the country.

“Quad Safari”:

The best combination from off-road adventure and enjoying the beutiful nature!

Boat trips: 

“Boat trip to St. Anastasia”

Visit the biggest island in the area “Saint Anastasia” by boat from the port of Burgas.

“The Romance of the Southern Coast”

This tour includes a boat trip on the Ropotamo river in a nature reserve.

If you have chosen Sunny Beach for your holiday destination, besides spending unforgettable sunny days, you will also have the unique chance to meet one of the oldest European and world civilizations and its folklore, visit authentical rural areas and enjoy beautiful stunning nature views. Every new place you visit will enrich you spiritually and will bring you unforgettable emotions and memories.

Because “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!” 

Find here all excursions and trips from Sunny Beach and reserve online:


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