Catamaran Cruise

Half-day catamaran cruise from Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Nessebar

The catamaran cruise is a giant catamaran, as known in the Caribbean – with open sails and large sunbathing nets.

Make yourself comfortable in the large nets and let your mind wander as you glide across the sea.

Feel the waves beneath you, the wind gently caresses your hat and you will get the best holiday tan.

The captain steers towards Cape Emine, one of the wildest and at the same time most picturesque areas of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
The cape is surrounded by countless small rocks that rise up out of the water within 250 meters or are just below the water’s surface.

You can anchor off the coast and jump straight into the crystal-clear water.

Sveti Vlas


from 65.00 €


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