The Country & The Local People: BIO Tour

Day Tour to the local Beekeeping + visiting the Bulgarian country village & tasting of organic dairy in the mountains

  • Duration: approx. 6 hours
  • Days: Tuesday

Country village excursion with tastings

Are you longing for the silence and tranquillity of the great outdoors?

We immerse you in the peaceful and original landscape of Bulgaria. The first stop is a small farmhouse, nicely situated between fragrant meadows: the world of bees. In this apiary, the insider tip of beekeeping and the production of pure honey is passed on in the family. Nikolay and his family will welcome you, show you and tell you more about this art. You can taste a real speciality: honey elixir.

After the exciting performance, you will continue to the small village of Prossenik. You are invited to stay with Grandma Tanya in her private village house. You will try vegetables from organic cultivation in your own garden and the typical Bulgarian delicacy – “banitsa”.

The onward journey through lush countryside and sleepy villages takes you to the high mountains and your final visit: the Kamenyak Organic Dairy. The extremely friendly host family will show you what’s behind the famous Bulgarian sheep’s cheese. Enjoy the full-bodied taste of the local specialities with a fantastic panoramic view over the natural mountains.

Included Services

– Travel in air-conditioned minibus or bus;
– Expert German-speaking tour guide;
– Honey tasting at the beekeeper in the village of Kosharitza;
– Banitza tasting at the family village house in Prossenik;
– Light lunch at the dairy in the mountains;

Cancellation Policy:

FREE cancellation up to 24 hours before the tour begins!

Your sustainable alternative! Book smart and nature-conscious!
This excursion is environmentally friendly, supports the local community and is in harmony with our sustainability efforts.

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