The best things to do in Burgas, Bulgaria

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Burgas is among the biggest cities in Bulgaria. It is located on the southern part of the Black Sea coast. Burgas is also the second-largest on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and has an airport near the Sarafovo district (International Airport Burgas – BOJ) that serves the resorts in the region: Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Pomorie, Nessebar, Primorsko, Sozopol, Duni, Tsarevo etc.

As the biggest city in the area, Burgas attracts many sun-seekers and tourists in the summer. It is one of the most beautiful and charming Balkan port cities with old history, as well as one of the country’s most vital centres for culture, industry, transportation, and tourism. An interesting fact is that Burgas has been always among the top positions in the list of the best places to live in Bulgaria. With its many hotels and apartments, restaurants and places to eat, attractions and things to visit, Burgas is a perfect place for a summer destination. Or, if you choose some of the resorts in the area, Burgas is a good idea for a day out and shopping.

When planning your holiday in the Burgas region, do not miss our in-depth guide to the city’s top attractions & places to visit:

Cultural attractions in Burgas:

Museums: Burgas has a rich cultural life with many interesting exhibitions and museums. The most popular are:

  • Museum of Aviation – at the entrance of Burgas Airport. This museum is a great place for spending a fun time. The exposition shows civil and military aircraft. There can be seen TU-154 and AN-12 (the last of their kind in Bulgaria). A unique experience for the visitors is also the possibility to “navigate” an aeroplane with VR glasses and the interactive exposition “Homo Volans” (The Flying Man)
  • Historical Museum – The exhibition shows valuable exhibits, related to the history of Burgas and the region- National Revival icons and European arts.
  • Ethnographic Museum – it is located in a beautiful house from the mid-19th century, next to the Cathedral “Saints Cyril and Methodius”. The museum presents the traditional culture and everyday life of the old Burgas.
  • Archaeological Museum – it hosts archaeological finds and samples from Ancient Thrace, the Greek colonies and the Roman Empire that inhabited these lands. The exhibition gives information about the early history of sailing along the Black Sea, as well as the expansion of succeeding ports in Bulgaria throughout the middle ages.

Churches – among the most popular and beautiful are:

  • Holy Cross Armenian Church;
  • Temple of Saint Ivan Rilskiy;
  • St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral;
  • Roman Catholic Church Virgin Mary Mother of God.

Shopping centres in Burgas

As one of the biggest cities in the country, Burgas is a good place for shopping. With its shopping malls and streets with boutiques, and small traditional shops for souvenirs, there is a place for everyone. You will find great shops on the main pedestrian street and in the shopping centres:

Day Trips to Burgas city

When spending your summer holiday in the area (Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Nessebar, Pomorie etc.) do not miss the chance to visit the magnificent city of Burgas. There are good transportation connections, so you can visit it by yourselves, or book online day trip with a visit to Burgas. Find out the most popular excursions on our website:


Weekly Market

You will visit the colourful street market in Kableshkovo, the city centre of Burgas + free time in a shopping mall.


St. Anastasia Island Trip

Unforgettable boat trip to St. Anastasia Island, starting from the port of Burgas + free time in Burgas centre.


The Romance of the southern coast

A romantic day out to the Old Sozopol, boat trip on the Ropotamo River in a nature park + free time in Burgas.

Top 10 best attractions in Burgas:

№ 1. The Sea Garden of Burgas

Sea Garden Burgas

The Sea Garden is the most romantic place in Burgas. It is not just a park – it is the heart of the city and one of its symbols. The Seaside Park takes 1st place in TripAdvisor’s list of attractions in Burgas. It was built in 1910 and covers over 600 acres, with more than 5 kilometres in length so you can walk around for hours. You will meet beautiful colourful alleys, fountains and sculptures. Some of the places that you can not miss are: the Sea Casino – a cultural centre and a favourite place for leisurely activities; the Summer Theatre; the Flora with its annual international flower show, and the Pantheon – commemorating the perished anti-fascists. When you reach the promenade, you will find numerous pubs, restaurants and cafes, and the endless sea view…

№ 2. The beach in Burgas

After visiting the Sea garden and walking around the beach alley, you will get to the central beach. It attracts visitors not only with its spacious strip, reaching a width of up to 30 m and 2 km in length but also with its location.

№ 3. The Lighthouse & port

The Lighthouse is in the area of Port Burgas (the biggest Bulgarian port). This is the first Bulgarian port lighthouse. For more than a century Burgas has been protected by its lighthouse, which has been leading the ships on their way. It can be seen from Central Beach and the Pier.

№ 4. Pier

“Going to Burgas and not seeing the Pier is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope!” – that will tell you any local people if you ask them about the most emblematic place in Burgas. It is also one of the symbols of Burgas – when you exit the Seaside Park you can walk almost 300 metres into the magnificent Black Sea, with a spectacularly romantic view. The Pier is the right place for strolling and relaxing. Do not miss to take e picture with the sculpture of Petko Blagoev – one of the most famous citizens of Burgas & a bohemian.

№ 5. The largo

“Alexandrovska” St. is the most popular and liveliest street in Burgas. It has been recently renovated and now has a modern European look with its rest areas, shops, restaurants and cafes. Walking down the street you will feel the spirit of Burgas, and enjoy street artists, musicians, small cafes, ice-cream shops or local pubs. Troykata Square, which is also a symbol of Burgas, is located on the Largo. A famous place there is also the monument of the Soviet Army (Alyosha).

№ 6. Sand fest

You will find it in the Park “Ezero”, on an area of 5 acres, right next to the beach. The sand figures have a different theme every summer: “Sea World”, “Fairy Tale Heroes”, “Circus”, “Cartoon Character”, “Hall of Fame”, etc. Participants come from the whole world.

№ 7. Poda protected site

The protected nature area “Poda” is a perfect place for nature lovers. Here you will enjoy the unique Bulgarian nature and its riches. It is on the list of the 100 national tourist sites in Bulgaria. There is a permanent exhibition, presenting the unique biological variety of the region, containing plants, birds, fishes, amphibians, reptiles and mammal species. The bird diversity can be observed with special optical equipment and from the two large terraces and the newly built 7-metre tower.

№ 8. Atanasovsko Lake

Atanasovsko Lake is related by various waterways to the Black Sea. The lake is coastal and offers a great variety of flora and fauna, some of which are protected. Due to the high salinity of the lake water from 20 to 27.5%, it is traditionally used for salt production. 40 000 tons of sea salt are produced annually. Atanasovsko Lake is suitable for observation in all seasons; you can walk around, go jogging, cycle or just enjoy nature.

№ 9. St. Anastasia island

St. Anastasia Island is the most romantic place in Burgas Bay, and a must-see when travelling to the Black Sea resorts in the summer. This is a volcanic rock island, 12 meters high with a medieval monastery; a restaurant with traditional meals; a museum and a fantastic view of the Black Sea. There are hundreds of legends and mystery stories about the island. You can get there on a boat, leaving from the port Burgas, or book here online day trip to St. Anastasia Island:

№ 10. The Zoo

Zoo Burgas can be found near the Black Sea (“Cherno more”) quarter. It is a pleasant place for visitors to relax and enjoy more than 60 species of animals in conditions close to their real living environment. A total of 650 individual specimens including white polar wolves, platinum foxes, albino kangaroos, the largest collection of peacocks in Europe – nearly 29 variations (about 320 peacocks) and many others.

P.S. № 11. The sculpture of the Gramophone

The Gramophone is an architectural monument of culture, quite imposing standing at around 2 meters tall. It is one of the symbols of the city, located on Bogoridi blvd. (the pedestrian zone between Aleksandrovska Street and the Sea Garden; with many boutiques and shops). Do not miss taking e photo with the Gramophone.

With so many things to do, attractions and places to visit, Burgas is a must for every tourist in Bulgaria.

Book online here excursions and trips to Burgas from the summer resorts on the Black Sea coast:


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