Off-Road Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari from Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Sveti Vlas

4 Hours Excursion

The best way to experience more adrenaline is by participating in the safari with off-road vehicles!

“Off-road” in Land Rovers or Suzuki Jeeps into the inside of the country. The program of the day includes hopping, bouncing and laughs. A quick photo pause near the village of Tankovo.

Not just because you will feel the rich, biodiverse nature of Bulgaria, you will also drive through romantic villages with friendly, happy citizens, who will surely wave or at least smile to you, when you drive past them.

The adventure continues on hilly territory and dusty hills. After that, stop at a horse stable offers a chance for riding and air rifle shooting.

Then, sweet final stop with a honey tasting in Poroy village.

How does the famous diverse nature of Bulgaria look like? Are there animals and what types of plants grow in these latitudes? How local people live outside of the big cities and tourist resorts? What they do in the country anyway, and how do people spend their daily lives there? How the green Bulgarian forests and lush fields look like?

You will know the answers to these and many other questions during the off-road safari while exploring the country. Excellent sceneries through woods and lakes, great fun time awaits you and your friends!



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