Jeep Safari near Golden Sands: “Wild is Calling” – Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery – Jeep Safari near Albena: “The Wild is Calling”

Explore the beautiful wild nature in Bulgaria!

Book online Photo jeep safari in “Geranea” Nature Park with transport from Albena, Golden Sands, Kranevo, Sunny Day, St. Constantine & Helena.

The Park “Geranea” covers an area of 7,000 hectares. It is located near the coastal resorts Albena and Golden Sands; and 40 kilometres from Varna Airport. This eco-park enchants with its wild beauty during all seasons. The Thracians were fascinated by the area and called it the “Valley of Spring” because of the mild climate and green nature. Later, the Romans gave it the name “Geranium” – which means health.

The park attracts many tourists who want to see animals in their natural environment. Among the most popular inhabitants are: deer, Cameroon goats, hare, roes, boar, pheasants, partridges and various birds of prey. There are 7 wildlife observation towers, from where tourists can watch the wild animals at a safe distance. Several eco pathways with summer pavilions and benches were built for nature lovers.

Enjoy some photos from our jeep safari excursions:

Fun time


Off- road Vehicles


Eco Park “Geranea”

Off-road driving

Country life

Sunflower fields

Green Forest

In the mountains

Observing the animals



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